In Inuit culture, sanajik means artisan, craftsperson. The Inuit also call the person who cuts a newborn baby’s umbilical cord sanajik.

The sanajik is said to foresee the strength of the child and go on to play an important role in their life.


Sanajik Films is first and foremost a place of creation. We are a business born out of a desire to contribute to a new vision that puts diversity and the visibility of Indigenous peoples front and centre.

Sanajik Films puts forward intelligent content that brings people from all walks of life together. It’s our way of furthering cultural development.

We strive to be inclusive, and to promote collaborations between Indigenous and non-Indigenous groups.

Encouraging this confluence of cultures through artistic projects is (in our opinion) one of the best ways for people to share their cultural reality and identity.

Sanajik Films endeavours to promote the next generation of talented creators, it’s another way that we can encourage openness and diversity by giving young creators a platform.

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