Hudson’s Bay(bies)

Hudson’s Bay(bies) is a documentary film exploring an untold part of Canada’s past through the eyes of Inuk artist and filmmaker, Elisapie Isaac. After facing a moral dilemma, Elisapie sets out to meet others who like her are “Hudson Baybies,” the children born of the mixed unions between Indigenous women and Hudson’s Bay Company employees working in trading posts and general stores across the North.

Who are those children? What is their story? Why do we never hear about them? Hudson Bay(bies) is a complex, rich and multi-layered story that packs a punch. It not only sheds light on the lives of the “Hudson Baybies” but also explores the history of the Hudson’s Bay Company, which is so deeply rooted in the foundation of this country.

Crédit: Sophie Proulx-Lachance